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Lingerie Glossary

Terminology Meaning
Adjustable Back The back of the lingerie garment has functionality that allows for a fit that may be adjusted accordingly.
Adjustable Garters Garter is adjustable in length by elastic straps that attach to the stockings to hold them in place.
Adjustable Shoulder Straps Straps on the shoulder may be shortened or lengthened to find the best fit appropriate.
Animal Print Leopard, tiger, or other animal pattern print printed onto the lingerie fabric.
Attached Garter Belt Garment that has an attached garter belt.
Babydoll A lingerie garment that usually consists of formed cups with an attached loose fitting skirt falling in length between the hips and the belly button.
Back Seams Stockings having a seam that runs the length of the back of the leg.
Bikini A very brief, close-fitting two-piece suit worn by women. Brief underpants that reach to the hips rather than to the waist.
Boa A long scarf made of feathers.
Bodice Upper part of a garment that covers the breasts. The upper part of a woman's dress.
Bodystocking A close-fitting one-piece lingerie garment usually covering head to toe and often having sleeves.
Bodysuit A close-fitting one-piece garment for the upper body.
Boning To provide a garment with vertical support. Usually sewn into a bustier or corset to maintain a shapely look to the torso.
Boxers Undergarment which is loose fitting.
Burnout Opaque and sheer alternating fabric. Used in lingerie.
Bustier A tight-fitting often strapless top worn as a brassiere or outer garment.
Button Front Where the garment may be buttoned up or unbuttoned from the front.
Camisole A woman's sleeveless undergarment, now usually worn under a sheer blouse.
Charmeuse A fine semi lustrous crepe in satin weave. Shiny and not see through.
Chemise A loose straight-hanging dress, worn like a lingerie slip.
Chiffon A sheer lightweight fabric especially of silk.
Chopper Bar Lace A slightly raised, embroidered shiny pattern with an open net lace background.
Corset A woman's close-fitting boned supporting undergarment that is often hooked and laced and that extends from above or beneath the bust or from the waist to below the hips and has garters attached.
Criss-Cross Straps A strapping that crosses in the back.
Crotchless A style where no fabric covers the crotch area.
Demi Cup Lower line that reveals more of the top of the breast.
Embroidery The art or process of forming decorative designs with hand or machine needlework.
Eyelash lace A lace garment where the edges have strands resembling eyelashes.
Faux Fur Fake fur that is man made and not taken from an animal.
Faux Leather Fake leather that is man made and not taken from an animal.
Fishnet Open mesh fabric known for a sexy style.
French Cut A pantyhose where there is a decorative sewn in panty.
Garter Originally a band worn to hold up a stocking or sock.
Garter Belt A type of waist belt with straps dangling down that clasp onto stockings to hold them in place. Usually adjustable for different waist sizes.
Gown A loose dress type garment extending close to the ankles.
G-string A strip of cloth passed between the legs and supported by a waist cord that is worn for a sexy appeal.
Halter Top Short top that exposes upper back and shoulders.
Hook Back A type of fastening at the back of a garment with one or more hooks.
Hook Front A type of fastening at the front of a garment with one or more hooks.
Hot Pants Very short pants.
Iridescent Having or exhibiting iridescence . Fabric that appears to change color when moving.
Jacquard A type of fabric known by its intricate type of weave.
Lingerie Women's sexy underwear for all shapes and sizes
Marabou A soft feathery fluffy material prepared from feathers or the coverts of marabous and used especially for trimming women's hats or clothes. A time-honored design of lingerie.
Microfibre A fine synthetic fiber woven into a fabric that is breathable and very soft.
Open Bust A style that has no coverage in the breast area. Open tip, has no coverage in the nipple area, however still has a cup.
Panty Ladies undergarment/underpants.
Pantyhose A one-piece undergarment for women that consists of hosiery made with a panty-style top and extending from toe to waist.
Peek-a-boo A style with a small opening or slit that partially exposes the breasts or nipple.
Ribbed Fabric with grooves or vertical ribs made into a design that is form fitting.
Robe A long loose flowing outer garment.
Satin A smooth fabric, as of silk or rayon, woven with a glossy face and a dull back.
Seamless Having no awkward transitions or indications of disparity. A smooth garment manufactured without seams.
Sequins Small plates of shining metal or plastic used for ornamentation especially on clothing.
Wrap A square/rectangular or oblong usually fabric garment or wrapper used especially as a covering for the head or shoulders similar to a wide scarf.
Slit A long narrow cut or opening in a garment.
Snap Crotch A convenience fastening in the crotch area.
Spandex/ Lycra A synthetic fiber or fabric made from a polymer containing polyurethane, used in the manufacture of elastic clothing. Lycra being a trademark used for a brand of spandex.
Stay Ups Stockings that have a rubber grip inside to stop the stocking from slipping down the leg.
Stockings A knit close-fitting covering for the foot and leg.
Strapless Made or worn without shoulder straps.
Stretch Lace Lace that stretches to conform to the body.
Stretch Mesh Mesh fabric that stretches for comfort.
Taffeta A crisp plain-woven lustrous fabric of various fibers used especially for women's clothing.
Tap Pant Pants with a slightly bulky elasticized waist and short loose fitting legs.
Tapestry A heavy hand-woven reversible textile characterized by complicated pictorial designs.
Teddiette A teddy with attached garters to hold up the stockings.
Teddy A one piece outfit usually with a high cut leg.
Thong Back A style of the back of an undergarment where only a thin strip of material is used, exposing most of the buttocks.
Thong Panty A panty with a thong backing.
Tie Back Style where the garment ties in the back.
Tie Front Style where the garment ties in the front.
Under Wire A type of support used for adding extra lift for breasts by using a thin wire that is sewn into the base of the cup.
Velcro Used for a closure consisting of a piece of fabric of small hooks that sticks to a corresponding fabric of small loops. Can be used for quick removal.
Velvet A fabric characterized by a short soft dense pile.


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